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Columnista invitado: Jesús Zavala

Dentro del sector cultural el libro siempre se ha visto sujeto a los cambios tecnológicos, desde la aparición de la imprenta para su masificación así como los adelantos técnicos. Ahora que es posible comprar un libro haciendo un clic sobre un botón, llegamos a perder las perspectivas de la producción y difusión de un libro.

This initiative aims to track creative work in the arts, music, theater, dance, film, video, television, web-based cultural projects, cultural action youth projects, crafts, cultural tourism, and indigenous and Afro-descendant cultural production in the seven countries of the Central American Isthmus

Award-winning Cuban-American writer Cristina García discusses the process of creating Miami as a place in her novels and reflects on her experiences in the city with Professor Andrew Lynch at the University of Miami.


Modern Languages & Literatures Global Studies Series.  Global Imaginaries, Media and Aesthetics. 

A Symposium on the work of Nestor Garcia Canclini.


Yves Colon, Sallie Hughes and Tsitsi Wakhisi, along with journalist Pierre Nazon Beauliere, discuss the study findings and the conditions of the media in Haiti and Miami's Haitian community during a television program with an audience of community leaders that was broadcast by the Voice of America.


Thursday, March 14 2013 7:00 to 9:00pm

Communication International Building (Shoma Hall) Room 3053

5100 Brunson Fr, Coral Gables, FL 33136